How to: change font on your headline

  • 28.08.2017, 14:24

You've probably noticed that I like to change my headline font frequently.
Here's how you do it!


01 Go to and find a font you like. Click on the + next to the text to select it.

02 A black marker with "family selected" should now appear in the lower right corner. Click on it.

03 Click on @import and copy the following: @import url(''); your font here will contain the name of the font you've chosen.

04 Log into your blog, click on bloggdesign, then HTML and STILSETT (css)

05 Take the @import url you copied in step 2 and paste it above entry }

06 Scroll down until you find H2 and something like this:
font-family: 'Dancing script ', calibri;

07 Change Dancing Script (or whatever font you're currently using) to the name of your chosen font. Don't remove the ' 's, they are very important.

08 Scroll down, until you find H2 again. Repeat step 7.

09 Save your changes.

Zuhair Murad spring 2017, personal favorites

  • 26.08.2017, 10:17

Check out Zuhair Murad spring 2017 ready to wear collection!

See the full collection here, if you haven't seen it already.


I feel like the first four dresses (in this blog post) have a hint of a
futuristic ice queen vibe
to them, that I just love

The last four are just so elegant and classy!

Tell me your favorites in the comment section ^^

Re-watching "Buffy The vampire slayer" in 2017

  • 25.08.2017, 23:03

The first season of Buffy the vampire slayer aired in 1997, when I was only seven years old. I didn't understand much english at the time, and my mother wouldn't let me watch the show, so I would sneak up past bed time, sit quietly on the stairs and watch from there, hoping that she wouldn't notice me. The vampires never terrified me, but they did scare my older sister, who insisted I slept in her bed so she'd feel safer.

When all the other girls wanted to wear pretty dresses and be Disney princesses, I wanted to be just like Buffy. I didn't want to be a pretty girl, waiting for prince charming to come and find me. I wanted to be a strong girl, who could take care of herself. When all the other girls were pretending to be popstars and celebrities, I was pretending to be Buffy. As I watched Buffy and Angel fall in love on screen, I, too, wanted a vampire boyfriend. As I watched Willow practice witchcraft, I, too, wanted to learn how to cast spells. But, of course, I knew it was all fiction.

Once in a while there were a few episodes that gave me nightmares. One of them was "Killed by death" (season 2, episode 18), in which there's an invisible demon that only sick children can see. As someone who was often suffering from fever due to an allergic reaction, you can imagine how terrifying this was for me. Especially once the fever fantasies kicked in. I consider it a miracle that I didn't scare myself into an early heart attack when I was younger.

Re-watching Buffy as an adult makes me realize things I didn't notice as a child. Like how they used low quality cameras throughout all seven seasons, and how some episodes seem to be a quick fix, as in 'something went wrong, let's fix it with a spell'. I can't help but notice that the werewolf costumes look like they've been bough on some left over halloween sale.

Re-watching the show in 2017 also makes me wonder if it was the love story between sixteen year old Buffy and the two-hundred-and-something year old vampire Angel that inspired the writers of modern vampire movies such as the twilight saga and the vampire diaries.

As a twenty six year old I can also understand many of the sexualized jokes in the show, that I didn't understand when I was younger, and appreciate how creative the show really is.

Even today there are some epsiodes that gives me the creeps. Such as "hush" (season 4, episode 10) and "normal again" (season 6, episode 17). There are episodes that breaks my heart, such as "passion" (season 2, episode 17) and "the body" (season 5, episode 16), and there are characters that I appreciate even more now than I did when I was younger, and relate to on a much deeper level, such as Anyanka. 


(if not, get season 1-7 here! DVD, area code 2; europe)



  • 10.08.2017, 13:42

ret er 2017 og folk er - heldigvis - mye mer bevisste p dette med dyretesting enn tidligere. Likevel er det mye feilinformasjon der ute, som jeg fler vi m rette opp i.


 1: Norsk lov forbyr dyretesting.
11. mars 2013 ble det norske lovverket endret. Den nye loven sier at kosmetikk hvor enten ingredienser eller ferdig produkt har blitt testet p dyr, ikke lenger er lovlig selge eller markedsfre (reklamere for) i Norge og EU. Dette gjelder uansett hvor i verden dyretestingen er blitt utfrt. Du kan derfor vre trygg p at den kosmetikken du kjper i Norge eller et EU-land ikke har vrt testet p dyr.

 2: Hva kosmetikk faktisk er
Mange tror at ordet 'kosmetikk' bare er et annet ord for sminke. Der tar de litt feil. Kosmetikk er en fellesbetegnelse p flgende produktgrupper:

- sminke
- parfyme
- hudpleie
- neglelakk
- neglelakkfjerner
- hrprodukter
- hrfarge
- deodorant
- solkrem
- hvitningsprodukter
(tannbleking, hudbleking etc)

 3: Produkter som selges i Kina
Veldig mange av de produktene vi har her i Norge selges ogs globalt, deriblant i Kina. Det kinesiske lovverket sier at all kosmetikk som er produsert UTENFOR KINA m testes p dyr fr de kan selges og markedsfres p det kinesiske markedet. Om et merke, for eksempel Garnier, nsker selge sine produkter i Kina er det de kinesiske myndighetene som tar produktet og tester det p dyr - ikke firmaet selv. Om produktet derimot produseres p en fabrikk i Kina, trenger man ikke teste det p dyr fr det selges.

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