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Kommer snart

kommer snart

Den beste highlighteren får du for 13 kr!

Category: beauty // 23.09.2017 at.12:32 o' clock // One comment

Dere kan tro jeg ble overrasket da jeg bestilte det jeg trodde var en highlighter fra Smashbox, og isteden fikk noe det sto 'sugar queen' på. "Billig kinadritt" tenkte jeg, men bestemte meg for at jeg like gjerne kunne prøve produktet før jeg forlangte pengene tilbake.

Det er jeg veldig glad jeg gjorde!

Sugar Queen viste seg nemlig å være den beste highlighteren jeg har prøvd. Etter å ha prøvd highlightere hit og dit i evigheter, har jeg endelig funnet et produkt som faktisk er godt pigmentert og gir en merkbar effekt uten at du må kline store mengder på. Og så koster den jo bare 13 kroner!

Du finner den her.



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13 ways to use vaseline that no one told you about

Category: beauty // 09.09.2017 at.15:09 o' clock // No comments

01 Dab a little vaseline onto your cheekbones or high points for an instant highlighter. Works on every skin tone!

02 Applying vaseline to your pulse points (neck and wrists) before spraying your perfume on will make it last longer.

03 Using a cotton swab, apply some vaseline onto your fingers and the area around the nail, but not the nail itself, before painting your nails. That way, if you mess up, it's easy to remove.

04 Smear vaseline onto your forehead, ears, neck and hairline before dyeing your hair, so the color won't stain your skin.

05 Take a shower before bedtime. When you're done, moisturize your feet with vaseline and put socks on. They'll feel softer in the morning.

06 Apply to dry lips for instant smoother lips.

07 Add brown sugar to your vasline for an instant, home made body scrub!

08 Add vaseline to an old, clean mascara brush and use it to tame your eyebrows.

09 After shaving, apply vaseline to the area to avoid ingrown hair and redness.

10 Turn your favorite eyeshadow into a lipgloss by adding vaseline and apply to your lips. 

11 Add a little vaseline to your palm, rub your hands together and lightly rub your hands over your hair to tame it.

12 Using a toothbrush, rub vaseline onto your shoes to waterproof them.

13 For a day by the pool, use an old, clean mascara brush and coat your lashes with vaseline. It naturally makes them appear darker, and unlike mascara, won't dry them up.


My favorite beauty hack

Category: beauty // 03.09.2017 at.17:21 o' clock // No comments

So far I've told you about my favorite facewash, and where you get foundation for pale people. I've shown you my favorite sunscreen to use under makeup, and my favorite lipstick. One ting I haven't told you, is what to do when it's hot outside and your face starts looking sweaty, so that's what I'll be doing in this blog post.

Right now you are probably looking at the picture above, wondering what exactly that white powder is and how it's related to beauty. That, my dear friends, is something called cornstarch, more precisely maizena. The package looks like this:


01 Use a teaspoon to take a small portion out of the package.
01 Lay it flat on your table
01 Stick your brush in it
01 Apply on your face like you would with any other makeup powder.

It works just the same. The only difference is that it's cheaper than your typical powder, it's vegan and without fragrance / other chemicals. It also looks more natural on your face and doesn't give you the typical "cakey face" look that wearing too much makeup usually does.


Finally a foundation for super pale people

Category: beauty // 11.08.2017 at.15:20 o' clock // 3 comments

If you're white - literally white - finding a foundation that matches your skin tone can be difficult. In my case, I'm not really white, but I'm pale enough that even the lightest shades of most foundations are still a little bit darker than my skin. I've been searching for a lighter foundation for decades, but all I could find were vampire cosplay makeup, that aren't meant to be worn on a daily basis or for long periods of time.

Eventually I found the foundation pictured above. A color correction foundation by chinese brand Laikou. A color correction foundation aren't meant to be worn like a normal foundation, but mixed with your favorite foundation to lighten it. Putting the Laikou color correction foundation directly on your skin without mixing it up first will still give you a nice, natural, pale look, but it doesn't really have much coverage, and it will start fading in just a few hours. It's not as creamy on the skin as it appears when you pump it out of the bottle, either. If you want a nice coverage that will last on your skin, mix it up with your normal foundation.

What I really like about this color correction foundation is that shade 01 is white. It's literally white. Like snow or a piece of paper. It's also inexpensive, so if you want, you can buy different shades so you can mix up your foundation as seasons change.

Get it here.

Also, if you're concerned about animal testing (because it's from China, after all), read this. I would never recommend animal tested products.





China and animal testing

Category: beauty // 10.08.2017 at.13:42 o' clock // No comments

"I don't mean to be rude but I thought you were against animal testing? Then why are you buying and promoting beauty products from asia when china requires animal testing on all of their beauty products?"

Someone asked me on facebook this morning. As I'm sure she's not the only person wondering what's up with that, I decided to write a blog post about it.

First, I'd like to start this blog post by saying that most of my asian beauty products comes from Japan and South Korea, where animal testing are optional. This means that there are no law requiring animal testing, and at the same time, no law forbidding it. At least not yet. South Korea have pledged to ban all animal testing by 2018.

Of all the asian countries, China is the only country where the law requires mandatory animal testing on all cosmetic products that are manufactured outside of China. This includes:

  • Makeup
  • Perfume
  • Skincare
  • Nail Products
  • Hair Proucts
  • Hair Dye
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Whitening Products

On June 30th 2014, China lifted the animal testing requirement for cosmetics manufactured within the country. What this basically means is that if you own a factory in China, and you make your products there, you can sell them on the chinese market without having them tested on animals first.

Many of the chinese brands, such as Laikou (I will be blogging about their foundations later) are cruelty free.

If you're a big fan of L'oreal, here are some great news for you: L'oreal banned all their animal testing in 1989, and they also own a factory in China. That way L'oreal can still keep their cruelty free policy even though they are selling their cosmetics in China.


How to get perfect skin

Category: beauty // 02.08.2017 at.15:15 o' clock // 2 comments

I think every girl who's ever had acne, large pores or redness in her skin are guilty of the whole going to bed with makeup on so your boyfriend won't see how bad your skin really is or setting the alarm early so you can put your 'face' on before he wakes up cause you fear he might reject you or find you ugly if he sees you without makeup thing. Right? So instead of hiding your flaws under a ton of foundation and concealer, how bout we just get rid of them instead?

How do we do that? By taking care of our skin. Always remove your makeup before bedtime, use a night / day cream, never leave your house without sunscreen, and wash your face every morning and evening with a good face wash.

I'm using Etude House's wonder pore deep foaming cleanser (Get it here!) , which is a korean 10-in-1 face wash that...

01 ♥ .. tightens and minimize the appearance of pores (those 'holes' in your skin)
02 ♥ ... controls a large amount of sebum (don't know what that is? This pic explains it).  
03 ♥ ... moisturize the skin inside and outside
04 ♥ ... Contains mint beads that removes dead skin cells
05 ♥ ... Balances your skins ideal PH level.
06 ♥ ... Refine your skin tone
07 ♥ ... Keeps your skin elastic
08 ♥ ... Can be used on sensitive skin
09 ♥ ... Leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky soft
10 ♥ ... Prevents you from having breakouts

Korean people are known for their flawless skin, and while their diet and general life style helps, a lot of it also has to do with their skin care routine and the products they use. Korean beauty products are typically better than ours because they are more effective and has less damaging chemicals in them.




Get high quality brushes for less $

Category: beauty // 22.07.2017 at.13:04 o' clock // 2 comments

Remember that time, last year I think, when I spent $21 (168 NOK ,-) on a fancy new makeup brush in pink? Well, if you want an update on that, let me tell you that those pink hairs started coming off pretty soon after I bought it. So this time, when looking for a new makeup brush, I didn't bother going down town to buy another overpriced product. This time I went online and found a really, really cheap one.  

Obviously, at such a ridiculous price, I was expecting some low quality crap. I mean, even the expensive one that I bought last year turned out to be a waste of money. I thought this time, at least I wouldn't waste as much.

Imagine my surprise when it came in the mail. This was definitely not the junk I had expected. This actually seems to be of good quality. The hairs are so soft and comfortable on my skin, and they - don't! - come off! I'm so in love with this brush right now, and will definintely be buying a thousand more! Get it here!



What's on my face?

Category: beauty // 17.07.2017 at.20:55 o' clock // No comments

EYEBROW PENCIL (get it here):
Here's a major secret: my eyebrow pencil is actually a lipliner. But it's brown, so who cares? If they came in black, I'd probably use it for my eyeliner as well. It glides on so easily, and it stays there! It's so easy to work with! I love it! Also, it's waterproof and, because it's so affordable, you can buy one in every color to see which one looks best on you. I'm wearing shade number seven (nude, although it's more like an auburn brown if you ask me).

EYELINER (get it here):
I've been using this eyeliner since I was seventeen and I'll probably keep using it until I die. It's waterproof, it stays on all day, and it's easy to apply. What more could I possibly ask for? When it comes to mascara, I don't really care. All mascara's are basically the same, it's the brush that makes them different.

Love my big, striking blue eyes? So do I. I got them from my mama here.

EYESHADOW (get it here):
After primer and foundation I apply eyeshadow. I first apply the color havannah (the darkest one) on my eyelids and smooth it out, before applying the color banana (the second light one) under my eyebrows to make the gap between the eyebrows and the eyelid appear bigger than it really is. I also use this eyeshadow palette to contour my face.

LIPLINER: (get it here):
Shade number ten. I love it!

I wrote an entire blog post about this once. Read it here.


My favorite primer that I use all the time (except for when I'm wearing sunscreen) is this one. I wrote a blog post about my favorite foundation here.

ANTI AGE SECRET? read it here.




DIY hair extensions on a budget

Category: beauty // 14.07.2017 at.21:58 o' clock // No comments

Hair extensions are pricey. If you're low on money, chances are, you simply can't afford them. At least not without having to save up money for them first. Synthetic wigs, however, tend to be a lot cheaper. So in this blog post I'm gonna show you how to turn a cheap wig into a full head of hair extensions.



A wig ( here )
Clips ( here )


Flip your wig upside down and inside out, so you can easily see where the hair strips are sewn.

Cut out the fabric inbetween the strips.

If done correctly, you should now have a bunch of hair strips similar to the ones pictured above. If you think they're a little too thin, you can sew one or two on top of each other to make them thicker.

Sew a clip in the left corner, then another one in the right corner, as pictured above. If your strips are very long, you should also put one to two in the middle of the strip.

That's it! You should now have a handful of hair extensions, ready to be clipped into your hair! Just remember that they are syntethic, and should never be dyed, washed in hot water, brushed when wet or curled / straigtened with a curling iron.



You won't believe what she looks like now!

Category: beauty // 11.07.2017 at.02:25 o' clock // 2 comments

I'm not a big fan of gossip, but in case you missed it, mama June - known from the tv-series "here comes Honey Boo Boo" - was on a weight loss journey earlier this year. She went from a size 24 (EU size 54) and looking like this:

To a size 4 (EU size 34), and she now looks like this:

It's amazing how much healthier, happier and confident she looks. A true inspiration to big girls everywhere who feel like their weight is out of control.

If June Shannon, a 37 year old mother of four, can turn her life around and find the will to eat healthy and exercise more in order to lose weight, so can you!


Why looking younger is not a bad thing

Category: beauty // 10.07.2017 at.19:39 o' clock // 2 comments

It's funny how, at least in my case, when you get to a certain age, people mistaking you for being younger, kind of feels like a compliment. We spend our entire childhood and teenage years trying to appear older, wiser, more mature than we are, and then one day, when you reach a certain age, you're no longer insulted when people say you look younger. What, to you, once meant "childish, underdeveloped and immature", suddenly has a whole new meaning: beautiful.

When you're seventeen you want people to think you're twenty one. But when you're twenty six, at least in my case, you don't mind people thinking you're seventeen.

I get mistaken a lot. Especially by cashiers. Whenever I'm buying alcohol or tobacco, they ask me for ID to make sure I'm at least eighteen years old. Even when I'm buying energy drinks, they sometimes ask me to show them my ID, even though you can legally buy energy drinks from the day you turn fourteen. When I willingly show them my visa, which has my date of birth printed on it, they give it back with a slightly embarrassed look on their face. As if they just realized they insulted me. "Oh.. You've been old enough for a long time", a female cashier said to me the other day. I couldn't help but smile. To me, being mistaken for being younger is not a bad thing. It just means I have no visible signs of aging on my face. Honestly, it's nice to know my weird habit of using suncreen every day and keeping out of the sun is paying off.

When I was a teenager people used to mock me for looking younger, but guess who's laughing now, bitches!

(Also, looking younger might just earn you cheaper tickets on the bus / train / zoo / anywhere, and the clothes in the childrens section are usually cheaper. So there's that.)


I spend a ridiculous amont of money on...

Category: beauty // 07.07.2017 at.15:18 o' clock // 5 comments

Having a house full of animals means basically two things: 1) you'll never walk alone (literally. They follow you everywhere!), and 2) you'll have to wash all of your clothes far more often than normal people. You won't believe the amount of money I spend on scented fabric softener. It's insane!

I have mainly two favorites. There's this one, a golden bottle from Lenor, that smells like teen spirit (orchids, honey, everything that is sweet and delicate and beautiful. It smells like optimism, sunny days, hopes and dreams), and then there's another one that I'll be telling you about tomorrow.

What's your favorite fabric softeners?


I'm addicted to the pain

Category: beauty // 06.07.2017 at.12:02 o' clock // No comments

The alarm goes off at 07:00 AM. I turn in off and get out of bed. I walk into the bathroom. Do my daily routine, including brushing my teeth. To finish it off I rinse my mouth with Listerine. The purple one. It has a strong taste and it kinda feels like my mouth's being stabbed with tiny knives, but I kinda like it. The more painful it is, the more I get the feeling that it's doing it's job.

I've tried others. Tasteless ones, and minty ones. I don't like them. I need to feel some sort of.. discomfort, while using it. Otherwise I feel like they're not as effective. Not as strong. Guess I'm just weird like that.


This foundation will change your life

Category: beauty // 05.07.2017 at.13:06 o' clock // No comments

Like I mentioned in this post, people have very high expectations when it comes to foundation. After all, it's supposed to cover our skin, sometimes even our entire face, so I guess it's only natural for us to expect a certain quality. Personally I like to think of my face as the canvas and my foundation as paint. You can't paint a masterpiece with poorly made paint. Well, technically you can, but don't argue with me on this..

That's why I spent years trying to find the perfect foundation. I wouldn't settle for bad quality ones that made my face look oily or started wearing off two hours after I first applied it. Even today I see people walking around with their entire makeup bag wherever they go, because they have to reapply it every few hours. That, to me, is a big no no. If your makeup starts wearing off during the day, you should ditch it and find something better. High quality makeup stays the fuck on!


spf 30
Comes in 14 different shades
Covers acne, scaring, vitiligo and tattoos
Lasts (nearly) forever.

Don't forget to moisturize daily to avoid dry skin. This is very important because if you have dry skin this foundation will make you look like a ninety year old corpse. I'm not kidding.


The one thing that can ruin your look

Category: beauty // 27.06.2017 at.16:07 o' clock // No comments

If you're into makeup, like me, you've probably noticed how people have high expectations about every foundation they buy. It has to stay flawless all day long, feel light, yet give just the right amount of coverage. It has to blend well with your skin tone, have the right shade, and shouldn't clog your pores. When it comes to lipstick, however, it seems as if people don't really care as long as they like the color. In my opinion, they should. They really should care. Because a bad lipstick can ruin your look completely. 


Don't get me wrong: Color is important. After all, we all remember back in the day when teenagers used to wear dark (orange) foundation combined with a lipstick so light it looked almost white, don't we? Thank whoever's up there (or down below) we've moved on from that. 

But even more important than color, is how it feels and how well it stays on. You don't want your lipstick to be too creamy, because the cremier the lipstick the shittier it is. A creamy lipstick usually don't stay in place for long. What you do want, is a harder lipstick. But not too hard - you shouldn't have to use force to get a hint of color. It should be somewhere in between: creamy, but not too creamy, and hard, but not too hard. It should be just hard enough to actually stay in place, and just creamy enough that it feels comfortable and easy putting it on.

I've tried close to everything, and I keep going back to MAC every time. There's just something about MAC that I feel like I don't get anywhere else.



Have just the right texture (not too hard, not too creamy)
Are highly pigmented (so you get a good color, not just a hint)
Stays in place even when you're swimming 
(But WILL transfer if you're eating or drinking)
Comes in many colors and shades.



5 natural beauty product replacements

Category: beauty // 22.06.2017 at.13:33 o' clock // 2 comments

Like most girls I have a huge obsession with beauty products. Unlike most girls, I am also greatly concerned with the fact that I'm putting chemicals on my face. That's why, if possible, I will always choose natural, home made products over drugstore ones. Natural products are simply better. For me. For you. For the environment.


The idea that people put chemicals on their face to remove other chemicals from their face always confused me. For as long as I can remember I've been using olive oil. It's natural, eco-friendly, cheap, it won't sting if you get it in your eyes, it doesn't leave your skin looking red, and it removes waterproof makeup.

We all want healthy, beautiful, silky soft hair. Instead of spending all your money on overly expensive hair masks, try coconut oil. Wash your hair with shampoo like you usually would, flip your head, and massage coconut oil all over it. From your roots to your ends, cover it all in coconut oil. Let sit for 30+ minutes, rinse out with water and shampoo, let your hair air dry and you'll have the softest, most beautiful looking hair you've ever seen. Best part? It doesn't even look greasy. Just shiny, soft and healthy.

If you have oily skin, or if you sweat a lot, you know the struggle of your foundation becoming shiny and nasty all too well. That's why people invented powder. Powder absorbs the sweat (or oil) and gives you a matte, more natural, definitely more flattering, look. Here's a little secret most people don't know: you don't need to buy an expensive, chemical-packed powder to get that flattering matte finish. Cocoa powder (for dark skin) and cornstarch (for light skin) works just the same.

Speaking of cornstarch: it also works as a natural dry shampoo.

Hydrogen peroxide is found in all bleaching products, from teeth whitening to hair bleach to skin whitening creams. Hydrogen peroxide is what's causing the bleaching, the other ingredients are just.. Well, who knows? You can buy hydrogen peroxide at your local drugstore for cheap. If you want to use it as a teeth / hair bleaching product, make sure you get the 3% peroxide, and mix it well with water. Any higher % will have an acid-like effect. 


This sunscreen will change your life

Category: beauty // 20.06.2017 at.15:26 o' clock // No comments

The secret to staying young forever? Become a vampire. Or have some mutated genes like that Brooke Greenberg kid (rest in peace). The secret to looking young even though you are getting older? Sunscreen!

Did you know that more than 90% of all visible signs of aging are caused by the sun? That's why beauty gurus all over the world are obsessing over sunscreen. In fact, according to those beauty gurus, you should wear sunscreen 20+ every day, all year round, even if it's a cloudy day, to keep those damaging UVA and UVB's from penetrating your skin.

If you're a guy, this shouldn't be too hard. Just buy any sunscreen and put it on before leaving the house. If you're a girl, however, it's a little more difficult. Girls wear makeup, and because most sunscreens are oily, the two don't mix very well, and you end up looking like you're sweaty. I mean that in a "just escaped from hell"-kind of way. It's not very flattering and you will cringe every time you see a mirror. Believe me, I talk (type) from experience.

Thanks to the internet I found my life / skin saver. It's an asian (japanese) brand called Biorè, and they have the most amazing sunscreen ever! It's perfect under makeup because it's made of a water-like texture rather than the typical oily one, which basically means it won't make you look sweaty or greasy. If you can stand the smell (it smells heavily of alcohol, but don't worry, the smell will dissapear once you put it on your skin) this is definitely worth buying!

Biorè sunscreen:

contains SPF 50
Is made of a water-like texture
does not leave a whitecast
protects your skin from both UVA and UVB's
Does not clog your pores
Is waterproof







Through social media I've come to know a lot of people from all over the world. Most of them don't speak Norwegian. Some of them read my blog regardless. So I wanted to make a blog in a language they could actually understand.