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Kommer snart

kommer snart

This might surprise you

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01 When I was ten years old I had an italian pen pal named Alessandra Sestito. I still remember her street name, house number and city. I haven't spoken to her in years, but google tells me she's now a journalist, author and television writer living in London.

02 I've never done drugs, but I have been drugged twice.

03 When I was twelve, one day I got so fed up with the popular girl in class spreading rumors about me, I went up to her, and this is what happened:

me: So I hear you've been spreading rumors about me?
her: yeah, so?
me: so I'll give you something to talk about
*punches her in the face and walks away*.

04 I only own about six pair of shoes.
05 Half of my closet are "when I get skinny" clothes.

06 When I was four years old I was sent to my room to 'reflect on my behavior' for singing along to a song and messing up a word. I wasn't allowed to come out until I apologized, and I never sang in front of my parents ever again.

07 I did a nude photoshoot when I was 19 (and no you won't find the pictures anywhere. I don't even have them myself)

08 I wasn't baptized until I was thirteen years old.
09 I am physically incapable of telling lies.

10 I've mentally changed the name of 'world of warcraft' to 'world of whorecraft' in my head after my ex dumped me for some girl he met on there in 2015. I don't care if it's childish. I'm allowed to refer to people who try to sabotage other peoples relationships as 'whores' if I want to. It's not like I owe them any respect.

11 When I'm in a bad mood, I like to go out and look at the stars.

12 When I have trouble sleeping, instead of counting sheeps, I like to try to memorize the lyrics to a random song in my head.

13 As a kid I wasn't really a big fan of the typical children's tv-shows like Teletubbies, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny,  the powerpuff girls, or Norwegian shows like UHU or Blåfjell. I found them boring, and therefore never watched them. To this day I still don't get the hype. I did like pokemon. I did like Darkwing Duck. I did like Tom and Jerry, Noahs ark and that one with Chip and Dale, but other than that, I usually prefered shows that I wasn't allowed to watch, like Buffy the vampire slayer and Goosebumps.

14 I love the smell of books.
15 Ever since I was a child I've felt that time's running out.
16 I don't have any birthmarks. 
17 I have freckles on my feet. That's the only place I get them.

18 From I was 3 years old and until I was 19-20 I was terrified of babies and toddlers.

19 I started blogging when I was nine years old (1999).

20 The very first person I decided to meet up with in person after chatting on social media, was a girl from Askim, named Marie. We were twelve, I think, and met on MSN groups.

I only started watching 'the vampire diaries' because Paul Wesley told me I'd probably like it. I didn't know he played one of the main characters (Stephan Salvatore) at the time.

22 When I was fifteen I started writing a book about a fifteen year old girl who had a secret identity as an international pop star. Her name was Sara, and her stage name Sierra. I think I made it to my seventh chapter before all of a sudden Hannah Montana came out. Naturally, I threw my work away and refused to watch the show because I felt like the universe had just taken a giant dump on me. I later gave the show a chance, decided it sucked ("I could've done it better"), but for what it's worth; Hannah Montana the movie is one of my favorites, and I think Miley Cyrus is awesome.

23 I spent a lot of time writing songs and making up melodies when I was younger, but as we all know by now, I can't sing, so I never did anything with it. Had it lying in my drawer forever, until I threw it away.

24 I've always hated the sound of my voice, so much that even in elementary school, I was searching online to find out if there existed some kind of surgery to change your voice. It didn't, and it still doesn't, which kind of annoys me. You can send a man to the moon but you can't change a persons voice? That's just.. Blah.

25 I've never been drunk in another country. 

26 When I was fifteen (2005), my mother and I went to Spain, during which I befriended a guy named Robin. On our last day he came asking for my e-mail adress, and as years went by we added each other on facebook, and would talk occasionally, until 2012.



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