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kommer snart

13 ways to use vaseline that no one told you about

Kategori: Skjønnhet // 09.09.2017 Tid.15:09 // Ingen kommentarer

01 Dab a little vaseline onto your cheekbones or high points for an instant highlighter. Works on every skin tone!

02 Applying vaseline to your pulse points (neck and wrists) before spraying your perfume on will make it last longer.

03 Using a cotton swab, apply some vaseline onto your fingers and the area around the nail, but not the nail itself, before painting your nails. That way, if you mess up, it's easy to remove.

04 Smear vaseline onto your forehead, ears, neck and hairline before dyeing your hair, so the color won't stain your skin.

05 Take a shower before bedtime. When you're done, moisturize your feet with vaseline and put socks on. They'll feel softer in the morning.

06 Apply to dry lips for instant smoother lips.

07 Add brown sugar to your vasline for an instant, home made body scrub!

08 Add vaseline to an old, clean mascara brush and use it to tame your eyebrows.

09 After shaving, apply vaseline to the area to avoid ingrown hair and redness.

10 Turn your favorite eyeshadow into a lipgloss by adding vaseline and apply to your lips. 

11 Add a little vaseline to your palm, rub your hands together and lightly rub your hands over your hair to tame it.

12 Using a toothbrush, rub vaseline onto your shoes to waterproof them.

13 For a day by the pool, use an old, clean mascara brush and coat your lashes with vaseline. It naturally makes them appear darker, and unlike mascara, won't dry them up.

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