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kommer snart

Need a hair dresser? Not after reading this!

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Like I promised, here comes part two of "you won't be needing a hair dresser anymore".


Unnatural hair colors are colors like pink, blue, green, purple, and every other color that doesn't occur naturally in your hair. While you can add any natural hair color - red, black and brown - to your hair regardless of it's natural color, an unnatural color won't show up if you natural hair is too dark, and they also won't cover grey hairs very well.

To get an unnatural hair color you must first go blonde. The closer to white you get, the better. Any yellow in your hair will affect the final result. Once your hair is completely white, it's safe to dye it any color you want.

01 Start by washing your hair with shampoo.
02 Towel dry.
03 Add your hair dye and let sit for at least 1,5 hours.
04 Rinse out with water. Just water. Do not use shampoo.

If this is your first time trying an unnatural hair color, I suggest you start with one of these. They are semi-permanent, which means they'll wash out eventually. That way, you can try a color and see if you like it before you go for something more permanent. If you decide the color doesn't look good on you, well, good thing it's not permanent. Right?

If your scalp is dry, it becomes itchy. Small, white 'things' fall out of your hair. These 'things' are skin flakes. The more you scratch your scalp, the more skin flakes seem to come off, and, oddly enough, the greasier your hair looks. Many people think that, because their hair looks so greasy, they need to shower more often, but the truth is that showering too often, especially in hot water or using too much shampoo, are probably what caused this issue in the first place. Here's how you 'cure' your dry scalp:

01 Don't wash your hair too often. Twice a week is enough. Only use lukewarm or cold water.

02 Even though you probably want to use dry shampoo, you shouldn't. Dry shampoos work by sucking the moisture out of your hair and scalp. Instead, wear your hair in a pony tail or a braid.

03 Moisturize. Yes, I'm serious. Your scalp is like any other dry area on your skin, and the only way to make it better is to moisturize. Don't be afraid to add some of your favorite body lotion to your roots. 

04 Ditch your shampoo. Wash your hair with conditioner only.


Your hair should always be two things before you apply bleach to it: 1) dry, and 2) greasy. Applying bleach to wet hair won't work. Applying bleach to hair you recently washed will most likely fry it. Therefore, don't wash your hair for at least two weeks before bleaching it. Yes, it's gross, but it's better to be gross for two weeks than going bald.

01 Follow the directions on the package you bought and apply the bleach to your hair.

02 Now, don't try to go from black to white in one session. Let the bleach sit for about 20-30 minutes.

03 Rinse out with lukewarm water.
04 Apply hair mask and let sit for at least 20 minutes.
03 Rinse out with water, and wash your hair with conditioner.

Wait a month and repeat all of the above. Then you wait another month and do it again. Keep this up until you've got the shade you want. Yes, it takes time, and it costs money, but this is the only safe way to bleach your hair at home without damaging it. You could, of course, buy a package and let it sit for 45 minutes, and try to go from black to white in one day, but I can't guarantee that it won't fry your hair. If you don't want to damage your hair, you do it the safe way - even if that means walking around with yellow-ish hair for a while.

Want some curls in your hair? Here's how you make them stay in place all day, night, possibly week!

01 Ditch your curling iron and buy some of these instead.
02 Get in the shower (or just get your hair fully wet), towel dry
03 Take some of your hair, comb through it,
04 Spray it with this spray until it starts dripping.
05 Curl it around the roll and secure it on top of you head.
03 Repeat with the rest of your hair until you have a head full of rolls
03 go to sleep!

When you wake up in the morning, remove the rolls and you'll have beautiful, curly hair. It won't look stiff at all, but if you touch your curls you'll notice that they actually are. These curls will last until you wash your hair. No amount of wind or sweaty dancing in the club will make them dissapear.

A WORD OF ADVICE: choose the rolls I linked above. If your rolls are too big they won't make your hair curly at all. If they are too small, you'll have the same problem. The rolls linked above are the right size. Also, be careful not to put too much, or too little, hair in each roll.



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