How to: change font on your headline

  • 28.08.2017, 14:24

You've probably noticed that I like to change my headline font frequently.
Here's how you do it!


01 Go to and find a font you like. Click on the + next to the text to select it.

02 A black marker with "family selected" should now appear in the lower right corner. Click on it.

03 Click on @import and copy the following: @import url(''); your font here will contain the name of the font you've chosen.

04 Log into your blog, click on bloggdesign, then HTML and STILSETT (css)

05 Take the @import url you copied in step 2 and paste it above entry }

06 Scroll down until you find H2 and something like this:
font-family: 'Dancing script ', calibri;

07 Change Dancing Script (or whatever font you're currently using) to the name of your chosen font. Don't remove the ' 's, they are very important.

08 Scroll down, until you find H2 again. Repeat step 7.

09 Save your changes.

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