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Kommer snart

kommer snart

Women aren't the only victims

Category: Life, according to me // 19.08.2017 at.12:56 o' clock // 7 comments

Being a girl is hard. You're constantly told, even from a young age, what you should be like. That you shouldn't eat too much sugar because you'll get fat, and boys don't like fat girls. That you should watch your mouth, because boys don't like a girl with a bad language. As you grow older, you're taught that short hair is for boys only, and that they like girls with long, soft hair.

When you become a teenager you're taught to shave your private parts because hair is for grown men, and that your breasts should be bigger, because that's what guys like. You're taught to hide your imperfections with makeup, so you'll look perfect and guys will find you pretty. You are also taught that guys don't like too much makeup, so you better watch it. You're supposed to look natural, with the help of unnatural products. You're compared to celebrities like Megan Fox and Pamela Anderson, and expected to look like that naturally, because a girl who's had cosmetic surgery is a fake. You're expected to have the bedroom skills of a porn star, but at the same time, you shouldn't have too much experience because that means you're a slut.

Being a girl is hard, and not a day goes by without some girl complaining about it on social media.

It seems to me that, with the spotlight being on us girls and our constant whining about how the sizes in the clothing store doesn't fit us any more, the beach body, the price tag on tampons, for so long, we've forgotten that women aren't the only victims.

It seems that we've forgotten...

that guys are mocked for talking about their feelings or showing emotions because it's "girly" and "weak".

that being a male virgin makes people think of him as a loser.

that if a guy's not confident in his own skin he's expected to suck it up and not talk about it.

that a guy can't be into fashion, hair or skin care without people thinking he's into other men as well.

that the word 'gay' is used as an insult, as a way of telling a guy he's less of a man.

that a man dressed as a woman is considered a freak and often bullied for it.

that abusive relationships where the male is the victim aren't taken seriously.

that men being raped by women aren't taken seriously.

that men aren't supposed to wear pink because it's considered a girly color.

that men working in kindergartens are often thought to be pedophiles.

that while girls are expected to have a hot bikini body, men are expected to have a sixpack.

that if a man impregnates a woman, she can have an abortion without his consent.

that if the condom breaks, she can make him a father without his consent and by law force him to DNA test against his will and pay up for the next 18 years of his life.

that if a couple split up, their children usually stays with the mother.

that being a lesbian is more socially acceptable than being a gay male.

that while girls worry about the size of their breasts, guys worry about the size of their dick.

that while we have breast cancer awareness month every october, there's no such thing as testicular cancer awareness month.

that it's more socially acceptable for little girls to dream of their wedding day than it is for little boys.

that men are often mocked by their friends for being "whipped" when respecting their girlfriend.

So how bout we stop pretending that females are the only victims of society and start dealing with the fact that we're all "victims" here, and the only difference is that while one gender was brought up to talk about their feelings, the other was brought up to brush it off and 'take it like a man'?

7 comment


20.08.2017 kl.13:09

November is testicular cancer awareness month .


20.08.2017 kl.15:16

Amaria: November is prostate cancer awareness month :)


20.08.2017 kl.20:43

Ser du ikke at alle tingene mennene blir shamet for er feminine ting? Fordi det er det feminine som blir undertrykt. Dvs jo, det er det maskuline og mannlige som dominerer.


20.08.2017 kl.22:14

Amalie: På hvilken måte er det i mannens favør at at dersom ei jente har et one night stand med en mann og ender opp gravid kan hun med loven på sin side bære frem barnet mot hans vilje, med loven på sin side tvinge ham til å avlegge en DNA-test, og dersom barnet biologisk er hans, også tvinge ham til å betale barnebidrag i atten år fremover?

På hvilken måte er det i mannens favør at dersom en mann gjør en dame gravid, kan hun ta abort uten hans samtykke?

På hvilken måte er det i mannens favør at dersom et par har barn sammen, og gjør det slutt, er det mor som får det daglige ansvaret mens barnefar får nøye seg med samvær i helgene - gjerne faktisk kun annenhver helg?


23.08.2017 kl.11:38

You're right 🙂


06.09.2017 kl.14:53

Alle burde sjekke ut dokumentaren The Red Pill, og se hele før man gjør seg opp en mening. Ja det finnes undertrykte kvinner i verden, men fokuset burde ligge på begge kjønn når undertrykking og urett skjer mot både menn og kvinner! Feminisme er greit det, så lenge det ikke er blind for resten av verden.


06.09.2017 kl.14:54

Arielle: AMEN TO THAT! :) Har ikke sett 'the red pill' ennå.. Ligger den på netflix?


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