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kommer snart

10 tips to save more money

Kategori: Verden, fra mitt perspektiv // 16.08.2017 Tid.22:25 // Ingen kommentarer

Money, money, money - that's all people seem to talk about most of their lives. They either have too much and enjoy bragging about it, or they have too little and suffer because of it. Most of us are somewhere in between: we get to eat 3 times a day and pay our bills, but we find ourselves wishing we could afford a fancier car or a bigger house. Here's my ten tips on how to save more money.

01 You can get food at 50% off if it expires the next day. Stock up and freeze it.
02 Make, and bring, your own lunch to work / school.
03 Walking / biking saves you a lot of gas money.
04 Never buy a piece of clothing just because it's on sale.

05 Buy directly from China. Most of the items (not including food) you buy here have a 'made in china' label on them. Clothes, toys, sunglasses, bags.. Things like that. That's because the products are sold from China to resellers in Norway, USA, England, basically everywhere. It's common practice, at least here in Norway, to add an extra zero to the price. A toy that would cost you 2 NOK ($0.26) in China would cost 20 NOK ($2.53) in Norway. A piece of clothing that would cost 20 NOK in China ($2.53), are sold by H&M for 200 NOK ($26), and so on. By buying directly from China, for example through eBay, you'll save a lot of money.
06 Get a free membership wherever possible. Supermarkeds and gas station usually offer a membership discount.

You can get a designer bag for (almost) a reasonable price by buying second hand.

08 Work out at home instead of getting a gym membership.

09 As long as there's daylight, you don't need to use lamps. Unless you live in a house where there are no, or very few, windows.

10 Learn how to cook.

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