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Kommer snart

kommer snart

It runs in the family

Kategori: Story of my life // 15.08.2017 Tid.12:42 // 1 kommentar

I once heard that all it takes for some parents to consider having another baby, is seeing a toddler. Looking back at old baby pictures, or seeing some stranger hold their little girl or boy's hand in the supermarket. I'm a lot like that, but with animals. I see an animal, and I instantly consider having another one, even though I know, in the back of my mind, that I really shouldn't.

I already have four grown cats, but when my boyfriends mother invited us over for dinner on sunday and I saw these little beauties, my head started thinking.. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little kitten running around the apartment? It's just one more. We have room for one more, right?

Luckily, I also have something called common sense. I know I shouldn't have another one. So I won't.

I think it runs in my family. My grandma Lily was a cat person. She and grandpa always welcomed stray cats into their home. As a little girl I loved that and would always go around their house looking for cats and try to befriend the new, shy ones. My dad used to have a handful of cats as well. Not nearly as many as grandma, but still a handful. 

1 kommentar


15.08.2017 kl.13:06

Adorable 😍 I'm the same, got it from my grandma as well 😄