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Kommer snart

kommer snart

Look for anything but your perfect match

Kategori: Verden, fra mitt perspektiv // 14.08.2017 Tid.18:41 // 2 kommentarer


When looking for a new friend or lover, don't go looking for your perfect match.

Instead, look for someone who's different.

If you always surround yourself with people who are just like yourself, that's all you'll ever know.

People who are always surrounding themselves with things they're already familiar with, things that are safe, that they know they'll like, will never grow. They'll be like trees; stuck in one place.

Life's so much more than just your version of it.

Find yourself a person who's different, and let them influence you with their personality. Let them take you places you've never even considered going, and let them choose that one movie on netflix that you've scrolled past a billion times because it looks boring. Let them take you to concerts and listen to bands you've never heard of and genres of music you've never even liked. Give them some money and let them buy you something they'd want you to wear.

Because, who knows? You might be surprised.

Surprised by how good that movie turned out to be, or how the lyrics in that one song seems to describe you perfectly. Surprised by how nice that place was, or how sexy you felt in the outfit they picked out for you, even if you'd never consider buying any of those pieces when shopping by yourself.

You might end up finding new favorites

in things you'd never even consider giving a chance

if it weren't for that person who came into your life,

opened your eyes,

and gave you a whole new perspective on things.

2 kommentar


14.08.2017 kl.19:00

Really good! :D


14.08.2017 kl.19:03

Jennifer: thanks :D