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Kommer snart

kommer snart

How to make life great again

Kategori: Verden, fra mitt perspektiv // 13.08.2017 Tid.13:16 // 1 kommentar

I love the 21st century. Yet, at the same time, I find it very depressing. Sure it's fun to watch a movie or spend some time on social media once in a while, but I just can't shake the feeling that I'm wasting my time. That I should be enjoying my youth intead of spending it sitting in my own living room staring into a screen of some sorts. After all, isn't that the kind of things we should be doing when we are old and our legs no longer work without the help of a walker?

01 Get a pen pal. Preferably a family member that lives far away. Instead of calling them on skype or texting them on facebook, write them an actual letter and send it in the mail. Ask them to write you back. Try to write each other once a week / month. Not only is it a great way of connecting with your family members on a deeper level, but even to this day, recieving a hand written letter from someone you care about, just feels more personal than a quick text or a call.

02 Dates these days tend to be shallow. Most people just text each other their adress and meet up for some netflix and chill. Next time, make it a picnic. Put on your sundress, pack some goodies (bread, butter, all that usual stuff, maybe even some cupcakes) and go to the park, or somewhere else, and have an actual date. Most people think of this as a summer activity only, but  if you change your clothing, you can do picnic dates all year round.

03 Speaking of picnic dates; it doesn't have to be during the day. Get out in the middle of the night and head for the hills. Do some star gazing, and wait for the sun to rise. Bring your camera.

04 Go camping. In tents.

05 Go somewhere new. I know that if you're unemployed you probably can't afford to just pack your bags and buy a ticket to Spain. But that doesn't mean you have to stay home. Book a hotel room in another state or town, and see what it has to offer. Probably a lot more than you originally thought. 

06 Don't have any friends? On facebook you do! So why not throw yourself a party and invite them?

07 Dare to be yourself. From my "whisper" days (it's an app where people share secrets anonymously), I remember a lot of people saying they love halloween because it's the one day a year when they can truly be themselves without people judging them. That's sad. That's really, really sad. Especially because the people they fear judgment from are, in fact, just people. People who are no better, and no worse, than you. People who, just like you, fear judgment from other people. Don't force yourself to put up a mask and pretend to be something you feel like isn't really you, just to please other people. Pardon my french, but fuck that shit. Be yourself. Even if that means walking around with fangs and red contacts in July. Don't ever let the fear of being different keep you from expressing your inner self. Because until you're living life as yourself, you're not living at all. What a waste it would be, to die, without having ever truly lived. 

1 kommentar

Calista Doll

15.08.2017 kl.08:54

I totally agree! Social media once in a while is fine, but it so often turns into this monster that eats away all your time. Many people end up watching other people live on a screen instead of actually living their own lives.

I know a lot of people feel like their own life is boring or they feel trapped and cannot be themselves, so they turn to the screen to live through others. But perhaps it is time we all step out from behind that screen and learn to enjoy nature in her glory.