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kommer snart

When parents are the worst bullies

Kategori: Verden, fra mitt perspektiv // 07.08.2017 Tid.21:56 // 2 kommentarer

I have very strong opinions, some of which might be considered abnormal or crazy by the general public, and I'm not afraid to share them, be it on social media or in person. I won't keep quiet if provoked, and I don't mind spending hours arguing why I'm right. This has earned me a lot of nasty comments on social media. Some might think that I'm asking for it, because hate is the price you pay for speaking your mind, and I can't say I disagree. I know the consequences of being honest, and I can take whatever bullcrap people throw at me, which is usually men 50+ calling me a "sallad" (how original..) because my name's Jessica Waldorf on facebook, or someone saying that because I look a certain way, I should not be taken seriously.

With that being said, I'll gladly admit that I am concerned. I am concerned with the fact that the majority of mean people on the internet are parents. It worries me that these people, who spend their lives sitting on facebook making fun of my looks and telling me people like me should not be taken seriously, are responsible for teaching young children the difference between right and wrong.

How can you raise a child to be a decent person if you aren't a decent person yourself?

People always talk about how bullying is such a big issue. How children as young as six years old call each other names and laugh at each others flaws. How eight year olds are killing themselves because they're being bullied in school, and what could be done to prevent this from being an issue in the future.

If you are a person in your late 20's, mid 30's, early 40's or anywhere in between, with a kid or plans of having children in the future, you need to grow up a little and stop telling people to kill themselves just because you disagree with something they said. You need to stop using words such as retard, moron, dumb fuck, idiot and other names as an argument or trying to win the discussion by making fun of their looks, their name or their interests. The minute you turn to name calling you're no longer arguing; you're bullying.

The thing that most people don't realize is that children learn from their parents, not by words, but by actions. A good example are children who are born in a home where either the mother, the father or both parents are smokers. In most cases the child itself will grow up to be a smoker, regardless of how many times their parents tell them that smoking is bad. This is because children pay more attention to how you behave than what you say.

With that in mind, dear parents, future parents, or just anyone who's reading this, next time you find yourself having a disagreement with someone:


2 kommentar


13.08.2017 kl.01:21

Jeg er gammal som en haug.(read 30) Leser alldri blogger,men dumpa borti din. Jeg digger stilen din jeg. Digger alt som ikke er som alle andre i grunn! Må si meg veldig enig i akkurat dette blogginnlegget! (Sikkert fler og men de har jeg ikke lest) og jeg er en mamma. Ingen perfekt mamma på noe vis. Kunne alldri falt meg inn og kalt noen noe stygt foran barna mine. Skal vel sies at det må være ekstremt sjeldent jeg kaller noen noe irrasjonelt stygt. Har sjeldent noe med saken og gjøre. Selv om man er uenig!


13.08.2017 kl.13:45

Martha: Så hyggelig å høre at du likte innlegget! Og du er da slettes ikke gammel :)