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Kommer snart

kommer snart

I see humans but (still) no humanity

Kategori: Tanker & meninger // 21.07.2017 Tid.17:28 // 1 kommentar

I remember reading an article a few years ago. It was about a troubled man from Drammen (Norway). As he was sitting there with one foot out the window, ready to jump to his death, people gathered in the streets. They were talking. Shouting.

But they weren't trying to help him. They weren't begging him to hold on. No. "Jump!", they shouted, with their phones pointing towards him. They were filming. They were laughing and cracking jokes. They hadn't come because they were worried about him. They weren't there to save him. No. They came in hopes of getting something on tape that would get them a few extra views on social media. They cared more about getting something shocking on tape than a mans life.

At that point my heart broke. Not for me this time, but for humanity as a whole. At that point I realized that humanity is lost. Empathy is slowly fading.

That was 3 years ago.

Today I sit here with the exact same feeling. My heart has once again been broken by the people of the world. As I heard the news about Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington commiting suicide, and saw how people were cracking jokes about it on social media, I realized that sadly, nothing has changed. People are still assholes. Empathy continues to fade, as ego grows bigger. I read status updates saying it's good that he's gone so he can't make any more music. A friend of mine wrote that. Maybe he meant it as a joke, maybe he didn't. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that a person killed himself, and people joke about it like his life, his pain, meant nothing.

It's bad enough that we live in a world so cruel that people kill themselves to escape reality, but now we're heading in a direction where we find that amusing. Actually, we're not 'heading in a direction', we're already there. This is our reality now. People are in so much pain they think dying is the better option, and instead of being affected by that fact - instead of trying to change the world - we simply laugh at those who couldn't take it?

1 kommentar

Linn L.

23.07.2017 kl.19:00

Fy faen det knuste hjertet mitt da jeg fikk nyheten om Chester.. Den mannen har virkelig ikke hatt det lett i livet, på tross av en såpass vellykket karriere. At folk kan finne på å gjøre narr av en som har tatt det harde valget med å ta livet sitt, gjør meg ordentlig forbanna.