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Kommer snart

kommer snart

Laila M Nikolaisen wants to have an incest 3way

Category: Story of my life // 17.07.2017 at.11:09 o' clock // 10 comments

So, we all know this woman, right? She's 47 years old, has a blog where she posts screenshots of personal documents sent to her by NAV (which is short for Ny Arbeids - og Velferdsforvaltning = New Labor and welfare administration) and goes on a neverending rage about how she's been treated wrong. To most of us, however, she's known for leaving totally random and unrelated comments on our blog posts. Such as this one;

(TRANSLATION: "why is it so important that my life is ruined and no one gets to know about it?")

She left this under a blog post about my dead grandmother, so naturally, it pissed me off. Especially since this is the second time within 24 hours she's left this bullshit on my blog. Not too long after that, I got a new comment. The same comment, from her again, but on a different blog post.

After that, some guy named Erik also left a comment. Like hers, it was totally unrelated to my blog post. And like her, he's also old enough to be my father.

(TRANSLATION: "more cyberbullying. )I didn't write this)".

He then left another comment, explaining why he left this random bullcrap in my comment section:

(TRANSLATION: "I'm writing a lot of posts because I'm being denied rights, after hearing that I'm persecuted by the mafia at Rimi Bjørndal in 2003. I also heard that Rimi-Hagen uses me as a drone against the mafia. And dr. Johnsen at Blakstad said that I'm not functional").

Obviously doctor Johnsen is right, based on the fact that we don't have mafias in Norway. They both kept leaving comments in the comment section on various blog posts. The latest comment is some juicy stuff about Erik's dirty underpants. Yummy. Thanks. Loved getting those details on a blog post about my grandmother. Hasthtag SoClassy.

When I checked my hotmail today I noticed a new e-mail from Laila.

(TRANSLATION: "When should we fartfuck? I'm ready anytime. Erik's joining, too")

Due to the fact that they both share the last name Ribsskog, which is not too common in Norway, I'm just gonna assume that these two are related. Either they're father and daughter, brother and sister or cousins. Either way, she wants a threeway with me and her .. Whatever it is. I'm just gonna say brother.

Sorry, girl, but I'm engaged, and incest isn't my thing. But hey, you two sicko's have fun. Just please don't reproduce.

10 comment


17.07.2017 kl.12:32

Ribsskog publiserer alle private facebooksamtaler, alle mail og brev han mottar, uten tanke på den skade han gjør. Han tråkker inn i folks private sfære og publiserer absolutt alt, uten folks vitende. Når folk oppdager at han har omtalt dem på bloggen og publisert private mail, så nekter han å slette. Vel, han sier han skal slette når han bare får "rettighetene" sine. Hva disse "rettighetene" består i eller hvem som kan gi ham dem, vet han ikke engang selv.

Erik Ribsskog er gal. Han representerer det komplette vanvidd og burde blitt anmeldt for lenge siden.


17.07.2017 kl.13:23

Geir: om ikke anmeldt så i alle fall innlagt og fått den hjelpen han trenger.

17.07.2017 kl.19:47

De deler ikke etternavn, tror det er han som skriver med hennes navn. De er i hvert fall ikke i slekt


17.07.2017 kl.19:54

Anonym: Hmm ok. My bad :) Hva heter han egentlig?

17.07.2017 kl.21:03

Han heter eirik ribsskog

17.07.2017 kl.21:04

Hun heter kun Laila Monica Nikolaisen


17.07.2017 kl.21:16

Anonym: Ah, ok. Takk for oppklaring :) Vet du hvorfor hun bruker hans navn?

17.07.2017 kl.21:25

Tror han bruker, men litt usikker. De driver å chatter i den bloggen hennes.


17.07.2017 kl.21:26

Anonym: nesten så jeg får lyst til å gå inn å se xD

Arne anonym

26.07.2017 kl.17:23

Dette er hverken ribba eller Laila som har skrevet, dette er helt andre mennesker som har en indre glede i å skrive i deres navn.

En slags misforstått "hevnaksjon"


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