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Kommer snart

kommer snart

The story behind the angel on my nightstand

Category: Personal // 15.07.2017 at.17:17 o' clock // 3 comments

My grandma got sick with cancer two years ago. Living so far away from her and being low on money at the time made it nearly impossible for me to be there in person, so I thought I'd buy her something to let her know that even though I couldn't be there with her, she was still on my mind. 

I spotted a beautiful, sleeping angel in a store, and bought it, with the intention of giving it to her. 

As I tripped over my cat when I got home, the angel broke.

Giving broken things to people as a gift is considered a very inappropriate and rude thing to do. Especially if they're sick.

So I put the angel away, with the intention of either trying to glue it back together and keep it for myself, or throw it away, later.

Then I forgot about it.

My grandma took her last breath on january twenty sixth, 2015. She went peacefully in her sleep, just two days after I last saw her.

When my now ex boyfriend and I broke up in august later that year, I found the angel while cleaning out his stuff from my closet.

I just couldn't throw it away.

So I placed it on my nightstand instead.

It wasn't until earlier this week, two years later, I noticed something strange.

The angel seems to be crying from it's left eye.

3 comment

Hvorfor er det så viktig at mitt liv ødelegges og at ingen får vite om det?


15.07.2017 kl.21:43

Laila Monica Nikolaisen Ribsskog: Hvorfor er det så viktig å spamme ned enhver blogg du kommer over med totalt urelevant, paranoid tull som ikke på noen måte har noe som helst med bloggerens innlegg å gjøre? Du er faen meg snart 50 år gammel. Voks opp, for helvete!

Erik Ribsskog

17.07.2017 kl.10:04

Og jeg mener at jeg har vasket underbukser, to ganger her nå, på 90 grader.

Og grunnen til at jeg begynte med det, (å vaske underbukser, på 90 grader, igjen), er at jeg så et såkalt 'bremsespor', i den ene 'Blakstad-underbuksa'.

Og den underbuksa vasket jeg i dag, (igjen), på 90 grader.

Og jeg valgte også såkalt 'forvask'.

(På grunn av dette med bremsesporet, da).

Som jeg forklarte til ei Ellen her.

(Som låste meg inn på vaskerommet).

Men 'bremsesporet' er fortsatt ikke borte.

(Såvidt jeg kunne se, ihvertfall).

Så dette var rart.



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