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kommer snart

Stop putting me in 'the girlfriend zone'!

Kategori: Personlig // 01.07.2017 Tid.11:46 // 2 kommentarer

I've always been more comfortable around guys than girls. A lot of girly conversations bore me. I don't feel the need to talk - or hear about - every piece of clothing a person has bought, every person they've slept with, or what they think of their own body. I prefer going to the bathroom by myself, and the very idea of having one or two other chicks in there with me just creeps me out. I don't feel the need to take my makeup and 500 other things with me wherever I go. I take my keys with me. I take my visa with me. I take my phone and my camera with me. That's about it. I'm more relaxed around guys because when I'm with girls I feel like I have to think carefully about the things I say so I don't offend anyone. Most girls, for some unknown reason, love to twist words around and go full drama queen, so I always feel like I have to pay attention to how I word things. With guys it's not like that. With guys I can speak freely. Guys don't fantasize about killing you if you disagree with them.

Obviously, I don't have many female friends. What might actually surprise you, is that I don't have many male friends, either.

We all know what it's like, don't we? You meet a guy and you start hanging out with him. You invite him to movie nights, you go to parties together, sometimes you just sit around and talk about anything and everything. 

Then comes the moment when you find out that all this time he's seen you as a potential girlfriend. This has happened to me time after time. I hit it off with a guy, we spend a lot of time together, and then he wants to take things to the next level. 

When you tell him you only like him as a friend, he stops being one. He stops inviting you to parties. He stops calling you asking if you wanna hang out. He stops texting you. When you call him, he says he's busy, that he already have plans with someone else.

You don't have romantic feelings for him, so he cuts you out of his life completely and moves on to the next girl.

Later, when you run into him, the conversations are short and awkward. Sometimes just a wave before he runs out of there before you get a chance to speak to him. Sometimes just a "hi" and some small talk. This is because the moment you met, he put you in the girlfriend zone, and now he can't see you as a friend.

This happens every time I meet a guy, and personally, I think it's really unfair.

Since when was a little bit of friendship too much to ask!?  


2 kommentar


01.07.2017 kl.16:24

I could be your friend, haha but I don't go anywhere without my makeup 😁 I'm into deep conversations but also girly stuff 😏 I'm 32 though 😬


02.07.2017 kl.19:56

Amaria: That would be awesome! The main reason I don't wear makeup too often is that my boyfriend prefers my natural face, so it kinda feels like a waste putting it on :p Do you have facebook? add me @ facebook.com/waldorfen :)