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Kommer snart

kommer snart

Behind blue eyes: get to know me

Kategori: Personlig // 29.06.2017 Tid.21:56 // Ingen kommentarer

Hello everyone. I'm sure most of you already know me, either from facebook, from my older blogs or in person. Maybe you're someone I went to school with, maybe you're a friend or a family member of mine, an ex, or someone that I used to know a long time ago. Still - and because I've noticed some new locations in my 'who's reading?' section - I thought I'd share a few facts about myself.

I have three first names, which is a very uncommon thing in Norway. The average Norwegian only have one or two, unless they are royalty.

I  took singing lessons at the age of fourteen.

I love animals and growing up we always had pets. We've had a cat, a dog, two mice, a bunch of fish, a turtle, four hamsters, a bunny, two guinea pigs and ten degus. I also had a habit of taking injured or homeless animals home and care for them, so we've also had a raven, a snake, and a bunch of stray cats (that I would let into my room and feed without my parents knowing).

  At the age of thirteen I discovered the horrible truth about the meat and dairy industry. Thinking that people would be just as horrified as I was, I printed over twenty pages and put them up all over school property. Imagine my internal heartbreak when a girl said to me, with a 'you're being overly dramatic' tone in her voice: "So what? They're just animals". As if their pain meant absolutely nothing.

From I was about six years old and until I was about eighteen I wanted to be an actress. In the end, I decided acting wasn't for me after all.

  I'm obsessed with anything paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, aliens, angels, demons.. Urban legends, folklore, old summoning rituals, exorcism, posession, spells, latin, enochian (the language of angels), saren (the language of pleiadians), crop circles...

As a child I never played with dolls. The idea of pretending to be a mother, or a teenager, just didn't appeal to me.

I'm very hard - almost impossible - to impress. While other girls will go crazy over a celebrity talking to them, or get more into a guy if he shows off his wealth, I just don't give a shit. If all you've got is a pretty face and a lot of money, I just don't find you interesting at all. Mainly because there are over a billion people fitting that description. If that's all you've got, you can easily be replaced. Nothing that is easily replaced impress me.

I have a weird obsession with conspiracy theories, and if you think that's bad, you should see what your government is up to ;).

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