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kommer snart

I've got a shaved p*ssy!

Kategori: Story of my life // 24.06.2017 Tid.21:54 // 2 kommentarer

Thursday morning. I slept through the alarm. Woke up at 07:27 AM. "Hey! We overslept!", I said to my boyfriend. "What time is it?", he asked, still with his eyes closed. I didn't answer. Instead I showed him my phone and got out of bed, put on the first pair of clothing I could find, put my hair in a ponytail and went to find Argentina. Originally, like the blogger I am, I had planned to put on some makup and take a few photos of me and Argentina, but there was no time. The appointment was at 08:15. I was stressed out of my mind, but my boyfriend was awfully relaxed. 

We got there on time and the vet - a very pretty, young female - took me and Argentina into a room where my little baby was weighed, given some sedative and then shaved. "Do you mind if I take a picture?", I asked. I figured I at least should have some pictures.

So there I was, taking pictures of my shaved p*ssy. Never have I felt more like one of those annoying parents who are more concerned about getting everything their kid do on tape than the actual well being of said child. I was told the whole thing would take about half an hour and that I was free to leave. They would call me when she was ready to get picked up. 

A few weeks prior to Argentina's surgery the clinic had a poster outside of their clinic with prices for different procedures. The prices for spaying + chip, at that point, was 1500 NOK ,- ($176), so naturally, we just assumed, based on that we were only gonna spay her, not chip her, the total costs would be a little below that.

We couldn't have been more wrong. The entire thing ended up costing us close to 3000 NOK ,- ($352), NOT including pain killers.

We did, however, get all the stuff you see above for free, so I guess it's not so bad after all, but it still kind of sucks that we had to pay so much more than we originally thought.

Argentina spent the entire day sleeping it off and acting drunk, which was kind of funny, yet kind of heartbreaking, to watch. Thankfully she's back to normal now.

2 kommentar


25.06.2017 kl.17:42

I guess the special offer is for spaying male cats, female spaying is more expensive .


25.06.2017 kl.19:08

Amaria: Yeah, you're probably right :/