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Let's talk about science and love

Kategori: Tanker & meninger // 22.06.2017 Tid.23:48 // 2 kommentarer

I consider myself to be a very monogamous person. When I'm in a relationship there's only him. I don't see other guys the same as I would when I were single. When I'm single I often find myself drawn to good looking, or really funny, guys. When I'm in a relationship, however, I don't find myself drawn to other people at all. No matter how funny or good looking they are, there's just no sexual interest - no desire - there. Never have I felt the need to sleep with another man while in a relationship. Never have I longed for another man's touch or had innapropriate thoughts about some stranger passing me on the street. I don't think it's possible for me to be sexually attracted to two or more people at once. I'm definitely a one man kind of woman. Which, of course, is a very good thing. Yet some people would disagree.

My fiancè and I, just living the monogamous lifestyle :)

Polygamy - the act of being in a relationship involving more than one partner - is on the rise, and as a result of that, people on social media often try to convince me that it's unnatural for human beings to have monogamous relationships. They base this on the fact that our primal instincts are telling us to repoduce as much as possible, with multiple partners, to spread our genes. From a scientific point of view, all mammals - including humans - live to reproduce and secure the survival of their species, and while the males are looking to spread their genes to as many female partners as possible, the famales are looking for 1) the male with the best genes and 2) the best baby daddy. These are, more often than not, not the same guy. Basically we want to have the badboy's children, but we want a nice guy to raise them.

From a scientific point of view I have no problem understanding why polyamorous people live the way they do and why they see monogamy as an unnatural thing. Yet at the same time, I think it's important to remember that we are talking about living creatures here, not clothes. When it comes to living creatures there's no "one size solution fits all". While we, from a scientific point of view, are created to reproduce and secure the survival of the species, it's important to note that not all people want, or are able, to have children of their own. 

One thing that science do not take into consideration are human emotions. Some people don't want children in their lives. Some people don't feel attraction towards other people while in a relationship. Some people are too jealous to let their partner 'spread their genes' to other people.

Emotions are natural. The ability to think, understand, feel and make choices. Because of our emotions we are not bound to be slaves to our own primal instincts. Both monogamy and polygamy are choices we make to secure our own happiness. 

Don't tell me that having one partner at a time isn't natural, based on that your priorities are different than mine. We aren't clones, we are different individuals sharing some similar visual traits. That's all. 

2 kommentar

08.07.2017 kl.00:50

http://mentalfloss.com/article/55019/10-monogamous-animals-just-want-settle-down sjekk ut denne :) like naturlig med monogam


08.07.2017 kl.00:55

Anonym: åååh denne var fin! :D